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2023: The Year of UGC

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In the Year 2023 shoppers will not purchase a product without reading a piece of user generated content. How do we know that’s true? Because it’s already true.

77% of consumers agree that product reviews are the most influential source of information when making a purchase. Bazaarvoice can partner with you to maximize the return on investment on your marketing by boosting sales, acquiring new customers and extending the reach of your most influential consumers’ content.

Join us as we share a playbook for how to build a best-in-class UGC strategy that begins in January and ends with you crushing Holiday 2023. We will cover:

  • How partnering with BV drives increased return on ad spend
  • How to build a best-in-class UGC strategy throughout the year
  • Success stories from agencies that drive ROI in a big way

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