Introducing Premium Network Insights


We know it’s a big pain for brands to assess how they're performing at retail, requiring manual data scraping, hiring third parties, or relying on individual retailers to provide this data. Bazaarvoice’s new Premium Network Insights provides unmatched sentiment analysis, UGC performance tracking, and competitor insights all rolled into one, holistic dashboard.

There are three new types of Premium Network Insights

Performance Insights:

Quickly see how your UGC program is doing and where you can improve performance at your retailers across the Bazaarvoice network. Compare performance to category competitors, track market trends, and get recommended actions for strategic collection and coverage opportunities.

Sentiment Insights:

Understand what customers like and dislike about your brand through industry-leading natural language processing and advanced machine learning. Identifying themes in positive and negative feedback to pinpoint areas to improve through R&D or highlight in marketing campaigns.

Named Competitor Insights:

Stay in tune with how your UGC performance and customer sentiment stack up against your competition. Maintain competitive advantage and deliver highly optimized campaigns to achieve higher page ranking, improved click through rate, discovery, and purchase consideration.

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