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Best practices for product detail page optimization


During a recent Bazaarvoice customer event, experts from Walmart, WhyteSpyder, and Bazaarvoice shared how to optimize product detail page to drive consideration and increase conversions at retail.

The rapid evolution of online retailer technology and innovation means brands constantly have new opportunities to win. In a brick-and-mortar environment, shoppers have the physical shelf, store associates and product packaging to help them make purchase decisions. However, at online retailers, the product detail page requires every product to stand on its own. This means that brands must optimize their product detail pages to ensure their products are found, and ultimately, purchased.

Learn how:

  • To scale digital product content to Walmart's catalog and other retailers at a lower cost and navigate the product content syndication process faster and more efficiently
  • Enriching product page and catalog content can increase page traffic and sales
  • The role consumer-generated content plays in launching new products, increasing consideration conversions, and providing product insights

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