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Sustainability is the new competitive edge

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After years of lip service about doing better for the environment, consumers are taking action.

They are putting their habits under a microscope and making changes, from recycling personal care packages to toting reusable shopping bags. They consider a brand’s sustainability commitment as a reason to buy—or not. Consumers are doing their share, and the pressure is on for beauty brands to do the same.

The importance of “going green” is underscored by CEW’s latest series highlighting Bazaarvoice’s surveys of its Influenster community, which analyzes consumer shopping behavior. The most recent findings elevate the importance of fusing beauty and the environment. See the data by filling out the form. 

Influenster partnership opportunities put your products in front of a motivated audience and create a brand connection that lasts long after the program’s end. Run your next smart sampling campaign with Bazaarvoice.

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