Brand Builders

Maximizing 2024 holiday ROI with a full-funnel content strategy

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June 12th


10 AM CDT / 4 PM GMT

A quarter of shoppers (26%) say it’s never too early for brands to showcase holiday items, sales, and content.

Social algorithms — and today’s consumers — require A LOT of content, especially during the holiday season of Black Friday, Christmas, etc. The only way to keep up with the demand and stand out to shoppers is to fuel your content supply chain with shoppable creator and everyday shopper content across the funnel. It’s an art and a science.

Join our experts at Bazaarvoice, who will walk you through keeping up with content demand and strategically standing out: Abi Awojobi, Brand Partnerships Director, brings years of brand management experience, helping clients develop robust user-generated content (UGC) strategies. And Courtney Keats, Creator Marketing Team Lead, who has a wealth of experience in public relations, social media, and influencer marketing, which she uses to head creator marketing efforts at Bazaarvoice.

Join us live and learn how to make the most amount of noise in the shortest amount of time to maximize the biggest sales period of the year — all while keeping your brand effective, inspirational, and on-budget.

What you’ll learn:

  • Key steps to generate and promote holiday marketing content
  • To-do’s and objectives for each stage of the funnel
  • How to activate the right creators and everyday shoppers
  • How to distribute holiday content to everywhere shoppers are

Brand Builders is a connected content series where experts share their knowledge and provide you with exclusive takeaway content to help you take action on your learnings. From striking the balance between strategic and creative content planning to navigating the budget-conscious landscape while maintaining brand integrity, our rotating hosts will cover everything you need to build and maintain a brand in the modern age.

Hosted by

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Abi Awojobi

Brand Partnerships Director at Bazaarvoice

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Courtney Keats

Creator Marketing Team Lead at Bazaarvoice

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As the head of Creator Marketing at Bazaarvoice, Courtney and her team strategically collaborate with clients and talent to enhance brand awareness and engaging target audiences. Cultivating deep client relationships, they ensure an understanding of brand values for crafting authentic campaigns. Simultaneously, the team actively seeks diverse creators, blending creativity and strategy to produce compelling content that resonates and elevates brand impact.

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