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Maximizing conversion potential

A strategic analysis of shopper journeys, sampling, and syndication



May 28th


10 AM CDT / 4 PM GMT

Shopper reviews influence 93% of purchasing decisions.

Are your shopper reviews delivering maximum impact? If you’re an e-commerce manager and you’re not squeezing every drop of potential out of your shopper reviews, you're leaving sales on the table.

The problem? It's easy for review strategies to get stuck in neutral. But this complacency could be costing you conversions.

To help you switch gears, we've lined up experts Bhavik Gandecha from Bazaarvoice and Angeli Rodriguez from Attentive, a leading provider of real-time, personalized mobile messaging. Together, they've helped leading brands optimize shopper reviews to drive sales throughout the entire buyer journey.

In this session, you’ll discover how to:

  • Collect and share reviews that drive immediate sales and long-term loyalty
  • Craft a review strategy that influences purchasing decisions at every touchpoint
  • Supercharge sales with insights and SMS marketing that guides shoppers to checkout

Interested in optimizing your strategy from initial consumer contact to loyalty? Join our rotating hosts and guests from major brands on Growth Gurus, a content series by, and for, industry experts. They’ll discuss quick wins and long-term roadmaps for enhancing areas such as SEO, conversion rates, and product pages. Each event offers an exclusive takeaway for attendees designed to assist you in implementing your newfound knowledge, ensuring you're equipped to dominate the digital shelf.

Hosted by

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Bhavik Gandecha

Solutions Consulting Manager at Bazaarvoice

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Angeli Rodriguez

Senior Client Strategy Manager at Attentive

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Bhavik Gandecha is a Solutions Consulting Manager at Bazaarvoice, committed to helping brands and retailers optimize their user-generated content (UGC) strategy across every touchpoint of the customer journey. He leverages his expertise in the martech space to develop innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of his customers. Bhavik seeks to consistently introduce thought leadership and novel approaches within his webinars, with the ultimate goal of delivering invaluable insights rooted in tangible value.

Angeli Rodriguez is a Senior Client Strategy Manager at Attentive, dedicated to unlocking new revenue streams for enterprise brands via industry-leading marketing tools. With a book of business including both eComm and brick-and-mortar clientele, she serves as a strategic partner to digital marketers looking for more personalized and engaging customer touchpoints that effectively drive conversion. With a history in customer support and love of the product, Angeli aims to empower her clients to feel like Attentive pro’s themselves.

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Quality is a perception that’s influenced by experience. If a customer isn’t happy with their experience, they won’t perceive a product or brand as being a high quality investment.
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