Brand Builders Series

Adopt, Adapt, Abandon: Keeping Your Content Strategy Fresh

A decision-making guide to help your content strategy thrive in an always-changing marketing landscape.



August 14th


10:00AM CST/4:00PM BST

Shopper behaviors are always changing, and marketing must always be ready to evolve.

So why does it sometimes feel like your content strategy is stuck on hold?

The good news: now you can do something about it.

Join Emmy Woodthorpe (Pre-sales Manager, Content Acquisition, Bazaarvoice) and Rachel Maloney (Solutions Consultant, Bazaarvoice) as they guide you through a dynamic decision-making framework, designed to help you know what to embrace, modify, or discard — and get the most out of your content strategy.

What you’ll learn:
In this webinar, you’ll learn to ask the right questions of your content strategy. Using our simple framework, you’ll be able to identify content practices to:

  • Adopt: Identify which emerging content trends are worth embracing for immediate and long-term benefits.(Guided by research straight from Tiktok!)
  • Adapt: Learn how to identify new consumer behaviors and shift your content strategy to capitalize on emerging shopping preferences.
  • Abandon: Recognize outdated or ineffective content practices that should be phased out to optimize resources and drive better results.

Plus, you’ll be able to ask questions directly and gather even more insights to help you shape your content strategy, today and tomorrow. Join us and be the first group to receive The Complete Guide to Creator Marketing.

Change is a constant reality, but you can keep ahead with the right approach. Don’t miss this game-changing webinar — reserve your spot today.

What is Brand Builders?

Brand Builders is a connected content series where experts share their knowledge and provide you with exclusive takeaway content to help you take action on your learnings. From striking the balance between strategic and creative content planning to navigating the budget-conscious landscape while maintaining brand integrity, our rotating hosts and guests from major brands will cover everything you need to build and maintain a brand in the modern age.

Hosted by

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Emmy Woodthorpe

Pre-Sales manager - Content Acquisition, Bazaarvoice

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Rachel Maloney

Solutions Consultant, Bazaarvoice

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Emmy Woodthorpe is a Solution Consultant manager at Bazaarvoice, who’s team specializes in Content Generation opportunities. Emmy and team work with client partners to craft creative, strategic solutions leveraging Bazaarvoice sampling to drive user-generated content and measurable consumer engagement. She has been with Influenster and now Bazaarvoice for 8 years helping clients from Kraft Heinz to Target with out-of-the-box strategies tailored to each sampling campaign.

Rachel Maloney has been with Bazaarvoice for 4 years, working as a Solutions Consultant on the Content & Creators team. With a focus on bringing user-generated content into every step of a shopper’s journey, Rachel helps clients like Unilever, P&G, and Nestle optimize their marketing and e-comm strategies to leverage the voice of the consumer through targeted sampling programs and creator partnerships.

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