The content supply chain

Adapting to the increased consumer demand for quality content






Struggling to produce enough content to meet consumer demand? You’re not alone. All e-commerce marketers are facing the same problem—creating enough quality content.

But what if you applied the same process and planning to your content process as you do your supply chain? With user-generated content it’s possible. (And it’s the type of content consumers prefer anyway. Just ask TikTok.)

Rather than constantly feeding the content beast, you can shift your marketing strategy from content creation to content collection, curation, and distribution and gain economies of scale.

Join us for a content supply chain masterclass with Doug Straton, Chief Customer Evangelist at Bazaarvoice, and learn how to activate and leverage a content supply chain to fuel e-commerce growth.

In this masterclass, you’ll learn:

  • Why marketing efficiency is so critical in times of economic uncertainty
  • How to think about your content creation process like it’s a supply chain
  • How some of the world’s leading brands are leveraging user-generated content
  • How to collect, curate, and distribute user-generated content at scale

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Doug Straton

Chief Customer Evangelist, Bazaarvoice

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As Chief Customer Evangelist, Doug Straton is responsible for providing insights and expert advice to client-facing departments to ensure customers are getting the most out of Bazaarvoice. He also works with internal teams to help drive innovation and develop services, working to create differentiated value. Doug has a wide range of experience in the food and beverage, health and beauty, and CPG spaces. Before coming to Bazaarvoice, he spent 17 years working for several global brands. Most recently, he was Chief Digital Officer for the Hershey company. Prior to Hershey’s, he was VP of Digital, eCommerce and Data at Unilever, where he first became a Bazaarvoice client. A sought after advisor, he has been a frequent speaker at key industry events including NRF and ShopTalk, as well as in academia, at institutions such as NYU and Wharton.

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