Reach your customers where they shop by distributing the ratings and reviews you collect with Bilt to your retail channel. This means Bilt Reviews can be sent to the Bazaarvoice Network. 

By filling out this form you are formally requesting a quote and service order for syndication across the Bazaarvoice network of 1,900 of the world's best retail sites. Please allow 3 - 5 business days for the quote and service order to be generated and provided to your contact email address.


Is all content attributed to my brand?

Yes. All content is attributed to its original source and displayed on matching retailers within the Bazaarvoice Network. Sampled reviews are tagged to indicate they were received as a part of a promotion.

Is all of my content moderated?

Yes. Content follows Bazaarvoice authenticity and moderation policies before being approved for publishing

What is the time frame for completing syndication?

Our standard SLA for completing syndication once the agreement is completed is 4 weeks.

Are all retailers in the Bazaarvoice Network syndicated to automatically?

Yes, as long as their catalogue for your products matches the catalogue feed that is uploaded then they will be automatically syndicated.

How often are reviews uploaded to retail sites ?

Dependent on each retail site’s refresh rate, but generally daily

What reporting is available through this integration?

You will have access to the syndication dashboard. This dashboard will provide reporting solely on your syndication (retailer matches, product matching, reviews syndicated by product, etc.)

What happens if I exceed the annual volume of syndicated review content noted in my contract?

If you go over the annual review volume then we will adjust your contract at renewal to reflect the higher amount but your first year will not be altered.

What are the billing terms?

Our standard billing term is Annual Net 30 or semi-annual net 30

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Thank you

Thank you for your interest in Bazaarvoice. A member of our team will be in touch shortly