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Connect with Albertson's shoppers.

Partner with Albertson's to collect and share consumer-generated content about your products on Give Albertson's shoppers the confidence to choose your products over those of your competitors.

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Drive retail sales with consumer reviews.

Ratings and reviews are now a critical element of the path to purchase. Albertson's shoppers expect to find consumer feedback on every product - and one in three will not even consider a product that does not have reviews. Ratings and reviews don’t just influence online sales - nearly half of consumers read ratings and reviews before purchasing in-store.

metric card Source: Bazaarvoice Research Online, Buy Offline Study

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Engage directly with shoppers on

For every shopper who has a question or a complaint about your product, hundreds - even thousands - are listening. Sign up to start answering questions for free at When you’re ready to establish a deeper connection with your shoppers by responding to reviews, it’s easy to upgrade.

metric card Source: Bazaarvoice Social Analytics report

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Share inspiring visual content where consumers shop.

shoppers who engage with visual content are more than twice as likely to convert. Put visual consumer content in front of shoppers when they are on the PDP to inspire them - and propel them to purchase. Collect consumer photos via social, curate the best, and display them at

metric card Source: Visual Content Benchmark (Bazaarvoice + Maru Matchbox)

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Sample products to get consumer opinions.

Launch new products successfully and boost high-margin products with authentic quality content from people like your target buyer with this sampling program.

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Source: this sampling program sampling program data

How it works



Select your products

Select the products you want to sample for new reviews. Need help deciding which products to select or how many reviews you need? Just let us know.


Match with your audience

Next, we will match your product to the right user, making sure the review you receive is relevant and from your target shopper.


Ship your products

When your product is selected we will let you know where to ship it. Need help finding a shipping and fulfillment provider? We can help.


Collect your reviews

After the community members receive and use your products, they'll write reviews. Once the review is moderated, you'll see it live on your product page.

Now access even more reviews!

Tap into a direct line of more than 38 million organic reviews to display on your site, leverage in marketing campaigns, and distribute across 1,900+ leading retail sites in the Bazaarvoice network.

It's proven. More reviews lead to more purchases.

Source: Bazaarvoice data

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