Optimize your ratings and reviews strategy to drive Home Depot sales.

Partner with Bazaarvoice to collect and share user-generated content about your products on HomeDepot.com. Give Home Depot shoppers the confidence to choose your products over your competitors.

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Home Depot and Bazaarvoice have partnered to help brands build impactful user-generated content (UGC) programs on HomeDepot.com. As the world’s leading UGC provider, Bazaarvoice works with the largest network of retailers, brands, and shoppers. Bazaarvoice leads the industry with best-in-class solutions and customer service, as well as unparalleled content authenticity standards.

What review collection strategies are available?

Seed Reviews with Star Reviewer

Star Reviewer is a sampling program that puts your products in the hands of Sam's Club's most loyal guests, in exchange for honest reviews on SamsClub.com. Star Reviewer is best used periodically over the year for strategic items, whether they are seasonal, exclusive, new, or products with old, outdated reviews.

Collect and distribute UGC to HomeDepot.com

The key to a successful ratings and reviews strategy is one that enables a brand to routinely collect high-quality review content for key products. With Collect + Distribute, brands are equipped with the tools necessary to collect review content from their customers post-purchase and share reviews to retailer websites including HomeDepot.com.

Distribute existing UGC to HomeDepot.com

Currently collecting ratings and reviews with another provider? No problem. Bazaarvoice partners with several other UGC providers to help brands drive maximum success at retail by accessing the Bazaarvoice Network of retailers.

Tap into the Influenster community

Influenster is a product discovery platform and reviews destination where 6M+ members engage and create content about the products they love. With Bazaarvoice, brands can tap into the Influenster community and activate them at scale.

ReviewSource: Distribute reviews from Influenster to HomeDepot.com
VoxBox Sampling: Drive mass trial and awareness, reviews, and social buzz
CashBack Sampling: Reward members for online or in-store purchases

Curate visual UGC and display on Target.com

Curalate Connect enables your brand to source and distribute relevant lifestyle images of your products to retail websites such as Target.com. Curate images from your brand, your customers, and influencers. Then, tag your products, share with Target.com, and sell more with a visual shopping experience.

Answer questions and respond to reviews

For every Home Depot customer who has a question or feedback about your product, hundreds - even thousands - are listening. Bazaarvoice Connections helps brands join the conversation by answering questions and responding to reviews on HomeDepot.com. All brands have free access to respond to questions on HomeDepot.com with Bazaarvoice Connections Basic. 

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Optimize your ratings and reviews strategy on HomeDepot.com