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Influenster is a product discovery platform with a collection of 50 million+ product reviews penned by our nearly 8 million global members. It's a destination where members come to research and review products and where brands can connect with highly engaged shoppers.

Tap into Influenster’s highly engaged community to drive reviews, create social buzz, and uncover valuable insights to keep your brand competitive in an ever-evolving marketplace.

Dedicated, hyper-targeted trial

  • Custom VoxBox: We’ll match your products with the right consumer, manage the logistics of shipping & fulfillment, collect reviews, generate social content, and uncover consumer insights.

Shared sampling at scale

  • Co-Op VoxBox: Score valuable space alongside other non-competitive products in monthly themed sampling boxes, sent to relevant segments of Influenster community members.

Incentivize in-store/online product purchases

  • CashBack Sampling: Activate your target consumers to purchase your products online or in-store and reward them with CashBack to generate UGC and amplify brand initiatives. We manage reimbursement with CashBack offers.

We can help you create and customize campaigns that connect with the right audience of shoppers to build brand awareness, generate authentic UGC, and create lasting brand loyalty.

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