Climate Change

How marketers measure up
against their biggest challenge yet

A survey of European marketers and supply chain managers reveals the power of UGC.

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Consumer demands

When it comes to the products they sell, consumer demands – specifically environmentalism - ranks as one of the greatest problems marketers and supply chain managers are facing across Europe.

In the UK and France, these demands take the top spot, ahead of shipping, packaging and product build quality. And while product takes the top spot in Germany, environmentalism is still a priority for comfortably over two fifths of respondents.

With three in five retail marketers across Europe feeling the pressure, what can businesses do to start addressing their greatest ever, green challenge?

Recyclable packaging

Across Europe, nine in ten business are reported to have looked in to more recyclable packaging.

However, with 64% of businesses in the UK admitting that they are not currently using recyclable packaging, this aspect of sustainability remaining on the immediate business agenda for most companies.

More upliftingly, three quarters of respondents across Europe were able to confirm their business is currently investing higher quality materials to increase to their product lifespan.

Supply chain challenges

To better understand the challenges involved in driving the sustainability of products and packaging, Bazaarvoice asked how professionals with oversight of the supply chain would describe their relationship with manufacturers.

Feedback provided one clear conclusion, the majority of brands across Europe do not currently hold power over supply chain transformation. In fact, 53% of respondents describe a situation in which either the manufacturer holds equal power or they simply don’t believe they can change the supply chain.

Empowering brands

But help is here. 88% of respondents across Europe have used ratings and review to inform the conversations they have with manufacturers, helping them to prove issues with materials, design flaws and of course, more sustainable options.

Roughly half of all marketers and supply chain managers across Europe agree that the insights from customer ratings and review can empower them to improve sustainability through the supply chain. This puts sustainability just behind improved product quality as a use case for customer content.

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