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You have already made investments at retail and Bazaarvoice can help you maximize these investments. Reach your customers where they shop by distributing your brand’s ratings and reviews to over 1,750 retailers in the Bazaarvoice Network. Take advantage of our integration with your existing Ratings & Reviews Provider!

Did you know that brands who syndicate to their retailers have benefited from a 30-45% higher conversion rate and a 19% increase in revenue per visit on their retailer sites?

A core component of building content on Target PDPs is around guest UGC: more reviews, better answers to guest questions, and making sure the content is new and fresh. That is how you drive sales on Target.com.

Matthew Hiltner,
Product Content Lead, Target

Why syndicate your content to retailers?


Broadcast great customer experiences

Lucky for you, you’re already getting loads of great content from customers for your website collected with your ratings and reviews provider. But only having this user-generated content (UGC) in one place, you are missing the opportunity to influence customers wherever they shop.

Reach more customers by distributing your brand’s ratings and reviews to over 1,750 retailers in the Bazaarvoice Network.

Ratings & Reviews

Amplify the voice of your customer with Ratings & Reviews

User-generated content (UGC) is your most important asset. Why? Because customers who interact with UGC are 2x as likely to convert. Collect authentic ratings, reviews, and product photos with our Ratings & Reviews tools. Your product pages and your bottom line will thank you.


Respond to Questions

Show your customers some love by responding to their reviews and questions. Connections gives you the chance to join the conversation both on your own site and at retailers. Giving you the opportunity to turn even bad reviews into positive experiences that instill shopper confidence. And it’s as easy as logging into our portal, where you can track and manage your questions and reviews across the entire Bazaarvoice Network. You choose how and when to get notified, so you can respond to potential buyers in the moments that matter.

Product Sampling

Generate reviews, social buzz, and visual UGC

Optimize your sampling efforts — effortlessly. We create scalable sampling campaigns and put your products in the right hands so you don't have to. Whether you need to make a splash for product launches or inject life into existing products, get matched to your ideal target audience so you get more high-quality reviews, photos, and social buzz.


The Bazaarvoice Advantage

Bazaarvoice’s sophisticated matching and distribution engine, combined with the industry’s most trusted authentication and moderation, makes it easy to display your user-generated content (UGC) where it matters most. Plus, our seamless integration with your ratings and reviews provider makes getting started a cinch. Additional benefits include:

Stronger SEO strengthens your business

Google rewards high quality review content. Use content from satisfied customers to maximize your presence and give your site an instant SEO boost.

Your reputation, secured

Not only do we get your UGC in the right places, we make sure it’s authentic and compliant. We use an industry-leading ensemble of machine learning services, backed by a team of 250+ moderators to ensure your content is appropriate and relevant before it’s syndicated.

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