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PowerReviews brand access to the Bazaarvoice syndication network expires September 30th, 2018.


We know it’s important for you to have consumer content available in your retail channels. Syndication keeps your content flowing to the Bazaarvoice Network, no matter how you collect consumer-generated content (CGC).

The transition period in which we continue to accept content from PowerReviews ends September 30th, 2018. As that date approaches, brands who use PowerReviews and wish to continue distributing ratings and reviews to the Bazaarvoice retail network should engage directly with us to avoid an interruption in content distribution.

By working directly with Bazaarvoice, you will be able to safely and securely send your content and have it matched, moderated, and displayed on our network — reaching more than a billion shoppers every month.

Syndication to Bazaarvoice retailers starts as low as $7,000. For more information, or to sign up, fill out the form and a member of the Bazaarvoice team will be in touch shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of sending content to the Bazaarvoice Network?

Syndication with Bazaarvoice allows you access to the largest network of consumers, brands, and retailers. With over 1,000 retailers you have an opportunity to reach over a billion shoppers each month.

Expand your reach. We connect consumers to products at an unrivaled scale, syndicating more than 750,000 pieces of content for 140 million products each month. The next nearest competitor’s network is one-tenth of our size.

Foster brand trust. It is critical that your content is authentic and free from fraud and edits.Our product matching and content moderation meets the highest quality and authenticity standards.

Increase sales. Consumers who interact with CGC convert twice as often as those who don’t. Brands that distribute content to our retail partners see 76% more reviews per product and 36% more product coverage than if they relied on native coverage.

Strengthen relationships with retailers. In addition to consumer-facing benefits, having a review syndication strategy helps you build credibility with retailers. Showing your retail partners that you care about their business and their customers goes a long way.

I would like to send content into the Bazaarvoice network — how can I do that?

Any brand, regardless of how they collect content, can distribute ratings and reviews into the Bazaarvoice Network. Contact Bazaarvoice to learn more about the technical requirements and pricing structure.

What happens to my content if I decide not to sign up directly with Bazaarvoice before September 30th?

On September 30th, 2018 if you choose not to sign up with Bazaarvoice, we will no longer accept any additional content into our network for distribution to our 1,000+ retail websites. Brands must have a direct relationship with Bazaarvoice by September 30th to avoid an interruption in content flow.

What happens to content prior to September 30th that is already sent to retailers?

Any content that is currently syndicated into our network will remain in our network. As of September 30th, any ratings & reviews that exist on a retailer's site in our network will continue to be shown. Only new reviews as of October 1st will not be distributed through the network unless a direct contract with Bazaarvoice is signed before then. 

If I use Bazaarvoice Connections, do I still have the ability to answer questions on retailer sites?

Yes, there will be no impact to your ability to answer questions on retail sites and Connections Premium clients will still be able to respond to ratings & reviews. 

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