How to collect quality content to fuel your social commerce strategy

Tips to drive conversion and engagement



Wednesday, May 25


9:00a CDT / 3:00p BST

To say that the social commerce industry is exploding is an understatement. With social commerce sales expected to grow by nearly $50B over the next 5+ years, brands and retailers can’t afford to overlook it. 

But how should you lean into social commerce to capitalize on its potential? The answer is content—but not just any content. You'll need fresh, high-quality content from the right mix of sources to drive product discovery and inspire shoppers on social. And just by adding more fuel to the fire it burns brighter, collecting more high-quality content will help you get more out of your social commerce strategy driving an increase in engagement and conversion. 

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  • A few ways you can collect fresh, quality content to fuel your strategy
  • Why a diverse influencer strategy is key to collecting content shoppers crave
  • Examples of brands that are on the leading edge of social 

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Sam (Muilenburg) Saez

Vice President, Content Acquisition Sales - Global Business Unit, Bazaarvoice

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Sam Saez is VP of Enterprise Content Acquisition Sales at Bazaarvoice. Her team partners with brands to leverage Bazaarvoice's 7MM member Influenster community - running sampling programs that put products in the hands of targeted consumers to review and post about on social media. Sam is passionate about the power of user-generated content (UGC) and how to best excite consumers to share about products online.

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